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Fresh Export Quality Fish for the National Children

Indonesia, the largest archipelago in the world has an expansive marine coastal area and with abundance seafood and fish products. However, there is still a strong need to educate and generate community passion to consume ocean-related products and processed seafood.

Despite the fact that fish has many benefits for the body, one of them is the Omega 3 ingredient. This is why the fish is dubbed as the “food for intelligence” due to its unsaturated fatty acids that stimulate brain cell growth and development. The habit to consume nutritious food such as fish brings many health benefits such as developing intelligence and strengthening the physique. A health community smart, and strong are the future benchmarks for Indonesia’s next generation to be Asia’s leader.

To generate a community passion for healthier dining with fish as the main course, Visnoe restaurant opens its doors at Pelabuhan Benoa No. 2 Pesanggaran Junction, Denpasar, Bali. Visnoe serves best quality fish, delicious and fresh daily for lunch and dinner. With its tagline “healthy fish for the nation’s children,” Visnoe aims to promote the love of eating fish, enjoying the best exports quality products that Indonesian marine can offer for their own citizens. Visnoe also envisions an active role in supporting a “Love to Eat Fish” Movement.

This “Eat Fish” Program was initiated by the Minister of Marine and Fishery since August 2015. The objective is to increase and equally distribute the national fish consumption to achieve a smarter, healthier and stronger next generation of youth.

In line with this program, founder of Visnoe, I Gusti Arya Ameri Eman Himawan S.T., provides the opportunity for young generation to enjoy the best seafood from Indonesia’s own fishers, to start this generation through regular consumption of healthy fish to be able to compete in the global competitive market.

Several signature menus using international standard processing methods for fish include Swordfish Tiradito, Tuna Maguro Sashimi, and Swordfish Sashimi. Unique Indonesian favorite menus with fish as the main ingredient are available as well such as Rawon Tuna Magauro, Fish Soup and Maguro Oxtail style Soup. T

o realize their vision, special for children under 10 years old, Visnoe promotes a special program option of one portions of Tuna Maguro Sashimi or Swordfish Sashimi, free of charge. Visnoe name is derived from the Hindu God, that preserves ad protects all creation. This is the basis for Visnoe’s adherence to nature sustainability in the fish industry, from the factory, farm and restaurant.

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